Business Continuity

System crashes happen.
Don’t let them
take you down.

Do you really have 2-4 days to get your system back up and running? How does 15 minutes sound?

Data backup isn’t enough. True disaster recovery ensures business continuity.

There are lots of reasons systems crash: power outages, internet disruptions, system failures, viruses, Trojans, ransomware — even inadvertent staff mistakes, such as clicking an email phishing link or mistyping a URL and unintentionally visiting an illegitimate site. And don’t forget fires, floods and other acts of God. Any one of these can take your practice down in a heartbeat. The key is getting back up, FAST, because you can’t really afford to shut down for days or even hours.

Diversified Digital offers disaster recovery solutions designed to not only recover and restore your data, but also protect your systems, ensure your connectivity and help you comply to HIPAA regulations regarding business continuity and disaster recovery. Our comprehensive business continuity plans ensure that dental practices bounce back from disruptions as simple as hard drive failures or as potentially devastating as natural disasters.

How well are you protected right now?

As you evaluate your existing disaster recovery solution, ask yourself these two questions:

How long can your business function without your software, financials and customer data?

The answer to this question is your RTO, or Recovery Time Objective. If you rely on traditional methods of backup and recovery, you’ll be back to business in about two to four days. Diversified Digital’s disaster recovery solution can get you back up and running in 15 minutes.

How much data are you willing to lose?

The answer to this question is your RPO, or Recovery Point Objective. When you rely on standard backup and recovery procedures, you could lose up to a day’s worth of activity/data. With Diversified Digital? An hour’s worth, max.

Here’s how we do it:

The Little Black Box

Data backup and system backup are key to fast recovery.

Black Box DR

Diversified Digital’s Little Black Box, a BlackBox DR solution, ensures business continuity by recovering not only your data but also the systems that run it. And, by storing a comprehensive copy of your server’s contents onto its own hard drive and in the cloud, the Little Black Box keeps your information and systems doubly safe.

Diversified Digital will install, monitor and regularly test this SaaS-based appliance for you. In the event of a system crash, we connect to your Black Box and remotely restart your system, giving you full access to your images, patient records and programs in about 15 minutes.

DataSafe: Local and Cloud Backup

Automated backup, encryption and redundancy secure your data.

From patient PHI to financial information, business documents and databases, your computer system holds a lot of critical data — data you can’t afford to lose. DataSafe automatically backs that information up, encrypts it, and stores it both locally and in the cloud. Your data is protected per HIPAA guidelines and recoverable in the event of a system crash.

Did You Know?

Diversified Digital also provides compliance testing — monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually, depending on your preference — to ensure that your backup system continues to work properly in preserving and protecting your data.

Ready to protect your business and data?

Our Diversified Digital team will help you analyze your existing backup operation, assess the risks and vulnerabilities, and recommend a plan to ensure your patient and practice data are secure.

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