Keep their hands
off your data.

HIPAA compliance isn’t the only thing on the line. Your patients trust you to protect their information.

Dental practice security protects patient data, relationships and profitability.

Cybersecurity has become paramount to the ongoing success of dental practices. It’s not just about HIPAA compliance: Cyberattacks that compromise sensitive patient information damage the relationships you’ve spent years, maybe even decades, building through extraordinary care. And from a financial standpoint, a data breach could destroy your practice overnight.

Don’t risk it.

Diversified Digital can equip you with dental practice security tools to protect your systems, images and patient information from cyberattacks, ransomware, malware and viruses. Our tech-savvy team understands HIPAA compliance issues, patient relationships and your need for effective, custom-fit security solutions.

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Comprehensive Protection

How vulnerable is your practice to a cyberattack?

Cybersecurity protection has come long way from simply installing anti-virus software and building firewalls to protect your patient files and practice. While these continue to be necessary precautions, they are only the first step in combating today’s sophisticated theft tactics and ransomware. Diversified Digital and our cybersecurity partner, Black Talon Security, provide multiple layers of security, including essential vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, to protect your practice from every angle.

We begin with a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, some basic security testing to identify any obvious weaknesses, and a conversation to identify your security goals. Then we’ll develop a strategy for protecting your systems, and training you and your staff on policies and procedures to mitigate your security risks.

Your complete cybersecurity solution should include the following.

Firewall and Antivirus Protection

Your first line of defense needs to stand strong between cyberthieves and your system.

Your firewall is to your computer network what your deadbolt is to your front door: the barrier that shuts down entry. Antivirus software provides an added layer of security by protecting all of your endpoints — the computers, laptops and mobile devices connected to your network — from ransomware, malware, viruses and malicious documents.

Endpoint Security

CylancePROTECT© uses AI to prevent virus and malware attacks.

Diversified Digital will equip you with your ideal firewall solution from WatchGuard, a global pioneer in easy-to-deploy, enterprise-grade network security solutions, and next-generation antivirus protection from CylancePROTECT.

While traditional antivirus programs were designed to detect previously identified security threats, CylancePROTECT uses AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) to protect systems from unknown threats as well — a critical benefit given the millions of new threats released each month. By applying mathematical calculations to your system, Cylance creates a virtual force field that stops threats in their tracks. It’s the strongest, smartest endpoint security tool we’ve ever seen.

Its AI/ML format also makes Cylance a low-maintenance tool: It requires updates only once or twice a year versus the daily updates required by traditional antivirus programs.

Essential Security Tools:
Diversified Digital provides solutions for all your security needs:

No matter what your unique security needs might be, we have solutions! Here are just a few of the tools available to keep your practice secure.

Employee Education and Training, Standard Operating Procedures

The more you know, the safer your practice.

Our partners at Black Talon Security will educate you and your staff, via webinars, about the latest phishing scams, social engineering ploys (attempts to con your staff into performing actions that could compromise confidential information) and physical security precautions, so that you can avoid falling victim to cybercrime. We will provide you with communication protocols ideal for your practice, to protect sensitive information and keep your systems secure.

Black Talon Security

Password Management

Because ABC123 just doesn’t cut it.

When your employees use weak passwords, or reuse passwords, they make your business more susceptible to cyber crimes. Diversified Digital can provide you with a password manager that generates, stores, encrypts and retrieves unique passwords for everyone in your organization.

Password management makes it easier for your staff members to log on each morning, which means they’re more likely to follow the essential security protocol of logging off at the end of each workday. It’s one more step toward creating a safe, secure network.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and correct weaknesses in your network.

No matter how strong your network might be, vulnerabilities exist. They might be the result of outdated equipment or software, security holes that haven’t been appropriately patched, or even weak passwords. A vulnerability scan applies a variety of technologies to expose the weaknesses in your network. Once identified, we can recommend and implement a remediation plan to secure those vulnerabilities.

We can run vulnerability testing every 90 days. We can also install an intrusion protection system (IPS) device to monitor your network 24/7 so you’re never caught unaware. In the event of a cyberattack, we alert you and then take action to shut down or mitigate the attack.

Server and Network Penetration Testing

Take a deeper dive into security validation.

Penetration, or pen, testing is right for you when you need more intensive security testing — security validation for HIPAA, for example, or to test your security policy compliance, employee security awareness, or your ability to identify and respond to security incidents. In pen testing, Black Talon assigns an ethical hacker to find exploits and vulnerabilities in your network that might allow access to unethical hackers — those looking to compromise your data or systems. This in-depth exploration often takes five days or more to execute.

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HIPAA Compliance

Finally, peace of mind.

Keeping up with HIPAA guidelines can be stressful and time-consuming. But when you work with Diversified Digital, we advise you on strategies and solutions to keep your office consistently compliant. Our security measures are designed to protect sensitive patient data, including imaging, to satisfy HIPAA and keep your doctor-patient relationships strong.

PCI Compliance

Remember to protect credit card info, too!

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) says that any business that processes, stores or transmits credit card information must maintain a secure environment. In the event of a breach, you could be liable, potentially facing fines or a costly forensic audit, in addition to losing credibility with your patients. Diversified Digital can provide you with an easy, inexpensive solution.