When Disaster Strikes, Data Backup Is Only the Start

The Little Black Box, a BlackBox DR solution, saves your software, systems and applications and gets you back up and running in 15 minutes!

When your computer server fails due to a security breach, virus, corrupt data, disk failure or some other issue, it’s not enough to recover your data. You need to recover the systems that run the data to ENSURE BUSINESS CONTINUITY.

The Little Black Box recovers your data, systems, software, applications, images — everything you need to run your business. Even better? You’ll be back up in running in about 15 minutes.

Redundancy = Resiliency

The Little Black Box continually backs up your server so that you don’t lose time or data in the event of a system crash. Your Little Black Box stores a comprehensive copy of everything that’s on your server onto its own hard drive as well as in the cloud so that your information and systems are doubly safe.

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What’s your Recovery Time Objective?

How long can your business function without your software, financials and customer data — a day? an hour? a half-hour?

Equipped with The Little Black Box, you can exceed any of these recovery time objectives (RTOs). Diversified Digital will get you back up and running fast.

Without The Little Black Box:
2-4+ DAYS
With The Little Black Box:

What’s your Recovery Point Objective?

How recent is the data you’ll be getting back?

An important concern when your system goes down is how recently your data was backed up. Have you established a recovery point objective (RPO) — the maximum length of time you’re willing to allow a data loss? The Little Black Box backs up every hour so that you won’t lose more than an hour’s worth of data.

Without The Little Black Box:
With The Little Black Box:

Don't get burned!

The Little Black Box is like an insurance policy covering your data and systems; it restores not only your data but also your peace of mind. You simply pay a monthly fee to have Diversified Digital handle:

  • Installation - We assess the needs of your business and recommend the services that will protect your data, images and systems. Then we remotely install and configure the software, and activate and test your Little Black Box.
  • Ongoing Monitoring - We proactively monitor your system remotely 24/7/365 to identify any issues that might indicate your data or systems are being compromised.
  • Frequent Testing - We test your system every month to ensure its optimal operation.

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